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ECOMONONDO 'The green Technology expo' Rimini 8-11 November 2022 

12th ICG International Conference on Geosynthetics Roma  17 September 2023 

EUROGEO7 Warsaw 04-07 September 2022

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‘Don’t worry,we've been protecting you for 50 years'


About Us


The Company has been active in the field of geosynthetics since 1950 and has built a considerable experience in the sector of non-woven fabrics. A wide range of geosynthetics (nonwoven and woven geotextiles, geogrids, drainage geocomposites, geomats and biomats) has been developed to meet the demands of the sector of geosynthetics and the building industry, namely:

  • Geotextiles and geocomposites for Geotechnical (reinforced embankments) and Environmental Engineering
  • Geotextiles and Geocomposites in Waterproofing Systems

Our Research and Development Department is actively studying and testing new products and technologies to offer only the best to our clients.

Continuity between past and future

Viganò Pavitex has always been an outstanding producer of geosynthetics, thanks to its distinctive commitment to a continuous technical and marketing updating and thanks to the ongoing technical improvement of its products.

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Research and development

Research and development

In the face of the increasing project demands, Vigano Pavitex has always striven to improve its production and optimize its application. Our modern laboratory and our dynamic service of technical assistance make our Company a reliable partner.